Before ever being in Europe I have only vague recollection of Milka Bars. Upon spending some time there, I came to realize how popular the familiar purple wrapper chocolates are. According to a TV news study, a significant percentage of kids in France thought the purple cow was actually a real variety.

On my last trip to Europe, my wife and I got loaded with different varieties of Milka Bars, figuring out that it’s easy to bring chocolate bars as presents to people. We’ve also managed to keep and taste some of them.

Milka specializes in milk chocolate. In itself, it’s quite good, although not as complex in its flavors as some more artisanal or higher quality varieties (Scharffen-Berger milk chocolate, for example). Perhaps tasting a Milka Premium would’ve satisfied this. However the creamy chocolate is quite good enough to satisfy a chocolate craving, and with 100g bars being the default, it’s also good for sharing.

There’s currently 19 varieties of the “regular” Milka bars; so far, we’ve tried:

Caramel – Probably the best one so far… The caramel and the sweet milk chocolate marry perfectly. This bar I could’ve eaten in one sitting…

Luflee – It was pure chocolate goodness, but it comes full of tiny bubbles. That’s about it. Not as good as the caramel bar.

Alpen Milch Creme – Pretty much like Ferrero’s Kinder, it has a milk cream in between. It’s good, but so sweet I could only handle three small pieces at a time.

I also have a “Dessert au Chocolat” bar saved for a craving later…