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Family Activities that Double as Exercise!

Family Activities that Double as Exercise!

It is never too early to teach your children to start living a healthy lifestyle. With the number of children who are overweight and have diabetes increasing each day, we should take some steps to keep our kids healthy and strong. Introduce them to healthy food such as fruits and vegetables. Teach them to reduce eating junk food and start snacking healthier. You can do this better if you can also show your kids that you are eating healthy as well. Nowadays, children spend more time in front of the television and computer rather than playing outside. This deprives them of time to work out their bodies. Here are some fun activities that will get your kids out of the couch and start exercising:

  • Competitive sports such as basketball, soccer or football can be played with the whole family. You can modify the game a little especially if you have younger children. Bear in mind that the idea is to have fun and let your kids get some exercise. This can also be a time to teach your kids the value of sportsmanship and teamwork.
  • You can also start walking or biking to school or the store. These activities not only make you and your kids healthier, but can also reduce traffic and air pollution. Think of it as a way of minimizing your carbon footprint.
  • Other activities such as dancing, yoga and bowling could be done by children. Some studios offer classes that are specially designed for kids.

Training your children to a healthy lifestyle not only regulates their weight but also makes them feel better about themselves. Regular exercise also decreases stress and allows children and adults to sleep better at night.

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