How to Deal with Stress Caused by Menopause

How to Deal with Stress Caused by Menopause

The start of a menopausal period is a difficult and challenging time for women. When the body is undergoing hormonal and physical changes, it affects the personality and activities of women because of the symptoms that are often hard to deal with. That is why women are advised to attend stress debriefing programs and other health practice that will help them cope with stress. Women should learn to incorporate some practices in their daily activities in order to reduce menopause-related stress.

  1. Practice normal breathing routine when you are under a great amount of stress. Unconsciously, our body automatically starts breathing fast and heavy whenever we feel anxious or stressed out. Learn to control your breathing by closing your eyes, inhaling and exhaling slowly simultaneously at the same rate.
  2. Include exercise in your daily activities. Simple activities like walking or jogging every morning will improve circulation and help the body to relax.
  3. Women undergoing menopause have constant body temperature changes so drinking plenty of water will cool down the body. You will also need it when doing exercises to keep the body hydrated.
  4. Take a multivitamin prescribed by a doctor and a balanced diet. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables which will help release toxins in the body thus making you feel better.
  5. Allow yourself to go out, relax and have fun. Treat yourself once in a while with family or friends so your stress will be lessened. Having a good laugh and sharing stories will help you unwind and make you feel better.

It is important to know the symptoms of menopause so that when you or somebody in the family experiences it, you will know how to treat her. Understanding and helping a woman under menopause will also reduce stress and make life much better for them.

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