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Natural Ways to Get Silky and Smooth Hair

Natural Ways to Get Silky and Smooth Hair

There are a lot of products sold commercially that claim to make your hair look silky smooth. Unfortunately, not all of these products work. If you want to have good hair in short amount of time, you have to spend hundreds of dollars to make the hair look great. That is a fast way to look good but think of all the chemicals applied on your hair which can be very damaging to your health. Sometimes these chemicals cause accidents that can ruin the hair permanently. In order to avoid this, try using natural methods in your home. It could take time but your hair will maintain its natural moisture and you can avoid the possibilities of salon accidents.

Use a Hair Brush at the Right Time

A lot of women use hair brush to fix their hair especially after a shower. The truth is, brushing your hair while wet can break it and cause split ends. Use a wide-tooth comb instead to avoid breakage and damage. Use a brush when your hair is already dry.

Proper Use of Shampoo

Women mistake shampoo as a tool to make their hair shinier. Shampoo has chemicals that wash away the hair’s natural oils and make it look dull and lifeless. Use shampoo every other day and see your hair achieve its natural shine in a few days.

Eggs and Mayo

Mix 2 eggs and a handful of mayonnaise and apply it on your hair before a bath. The proteins on the mixture will make your hair more smooth and silky.

The use of natural methods do not only save money but also keep you away from harsh chemicals. Practicing these methods regularly will help you achieve the shiny hair that you want.

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